AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit

  • 从珍稀样本中最大程度回收各种待分析物
  • 简短流畅的操作流程,节省时间
  • 各分析物来自同一样本,数据可比
  • 无需苯酚或丙酮等有机溶剂

AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit可从同一细胞或组织样本中同时纯化DNA、RNA和蛋白质。该试剂盒可与Allprotect Tissue Reagent配合使用,此试剂可迅速稳定组织样本中的DNA、RNA和蛋白质,无需冷冻即可长期保存。可使用TissueRuptor或TissueLyser高效破碎样本。

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AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit (50)
For 50 preps: AllPrep DNA Spin Columns, RNeasy Spin Columns, Collection Tubes, RNase-Free Reagents and Buffers
The AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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Reliable real-time PCR and RT-PCR analyses.|AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein procedure.|Reliable western blotting and SDS-PAGE.|
Rat tissues were stabilized in Allprotect Reagent, and DNA and RNA were purified using the AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit. The CT values in real-time PCR and real-time RT-PCR analyses were similar to those achieved with tissues stabilized in liquid nitrogen.||Rat tissues were stabilized in Allprotect Reagent, and protein was purified using the AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit. Duplicates were run on an SDS-PAGE gel, followed by [A] western blotting for ERK2 and [B] Coomassie staining.|
使用AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit纯化得到的基因组DNA和总RNA在real-time PCR和real-time RT-PCR分析中表现出色(参见"Reliable real-time PCR and RT-PCR analyses")。使用该试剂盒纯化得到的总蛋白质适用于SDS-PAGE和Western印迹(参见"Reliable western blotting and SDS-PAGE")。

AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit使系统生物学研究中样本的制备过程标准化。DNA、RNA和蛋白质为同一来源,减少了从不同样本中制备这些分析物时引起的差异。使用此试剂盒无需在纯化前将样本分为三份,因此DNA、RNA和蛋白质的产量较高。此外,纯化过程无需使用苯酚和丙酮等有机溶剂。


细胞或组织样本首先在Buffer RLT中裂解并匀浆,使得DNA酶、RNA酶和蛋白酶立刻失活,确保可纯化得到完整的DNA、RNA和蛋白质。用AllPrep DNA离心柱过滤裂解液。高盐缓冲液流过离心柱,基因组DNA可高效的选择性结合到柱上。洗脱之后即可得到纯化的即用型DNA。

在AllPrep DNA离心柱的流出液中加入乙醇,形成适宜RNA结合的条件。样本上样到RNeasy离心柱,总RNA与膜结合,污染物被去除。然后用不含RNA酶的纯水进行洗脱,得到高品质RNA。

Buffer APP是新型的水溶性蛋白沉淀溶液。将其加入到RNeasy离心柱的流出液中,然后离心得到蛋白质沉淀。用适合的溶液溶解完整的总蛋白质,可即用于下游应用。此试剂盒包含Buffer ALO,该缓冲液用于溶解蛋白沉淀,不影响SDS-PAGE操作(参见"AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein procedure")。


AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit可从同一细胞或组织样本中同时纯化基因组DNA、总RNA和总蛋白质,因此使样本制备流程更加高效。该试剂盒纯化得到的总蛋白适用于SDS-PAGE和Western印迹。使用AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit纯化得到的基因组DNA和总RNA在多种下游应用中表现出色,包括:

Real-time PCR分析
Real-time RT-PCR分析
Applications PCR, RT-PCR,real-time PCR, real-time RT-PCR, Southern-,Northern-,Western Blotting, Microarrays, Genotyping,1D and 2D gel electrophoresis
Elution volume RNA: 30 - 50µl, DNA: 100 - 200µl
Format Spin column
Main sample type Easy-to-lyse tissue or cells
Processing Manual (centrifugation)
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein Total RNA, genomic DNA and western-grade proteins
Sample amount up to 30 mg tissue or 1 x 10e7 cells
Technology Silica technology, Protein precipitation
Time per run or per prep 60 min
Yield varies, depends on sample type

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For simultaneous purification of genomic DNA, total RNA, and total protein from the same cell or tissue sample
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