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Warranty Extension


  • 服务广泛,有助于您控制预算
  • 响应时间短,更快为您服务
  • 确保最理想的仪器性能
  • 减少维护花销
  • 文件记录符合GMP要求

我们的延长质保为您的实验室提供值得信赖的售后服务。Warranty Extension Service Support Agreement使您能更好的控制预算,为您避免计划外花销。此外,您还可以立即享受标准质保协议外的更多维护和支持服务。

Cat No./ID: 9241207
QIAsymphony SP, Full Agreement
1 year coverage of travel, labor, and spare parts. The instrument is repaired at the customer site with an onsite response time of 48 hours. The agreement includes a preventive maintenance/inspection visit.
Cat No./ID: 9242507
QIAsymphony SP/AS, Full Agreement
Full Cover Agreement for the QIAsymphony SP/AS for 1 year, including 1 Preventive Maintenance service

Warranty Extension协议将质保期延长至2或3年,包括每年一次的上门预防性维护。上门维护服务的成本,包括差旅费、人工费、维修配件的费用和维护所需的试剂盒费用,均包含在本协议内。为满足您的要求,我们提供不同的响应时间:Warrenty Extention, Premium协议(并非在所有国家提供,详情情联系您当地的QIAGEN销售代表)的响应时间为24小时(1个工作日);Warrenty Extention, Full协议的响应时间为48小时(2个工作日)。我们还依照GMP的要求,提供维护工作的全面信息。

Service Support Agreement在购买后立即生效,使您能在一年或更长期限内控制成本,更好的进行财务预算控制。请联系您当地的销售代表,了解适合于您的协议种类。


实验方案软件 (1)
These protocol files can only be used with QIAgility Operating software version 4.17 software and are not compatible with the new QIAgility Setup Manager software.
QIAgility Setup Manager software offers a complete solution for qPCR setup optimized for use with QIAGEN gene expression kits, such as QuantiTect, QuantiFast, QuantiNova and Rotor-Gene Kits.
The application spectrum of the QIAgility Setup Manager software will be expanded in the future with development of plug-ins for genotyping, pathogen testing, veterinary testing and food testing.

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