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TissueLyser Adapter Sets

在TissueLyser II上同时高效破碎多达48或192个样本

    TissueLyser Adapter Sets专用于在QIAGEN TissueLyser II上同时高效破碎48或192个样本。TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 24包含一对TL Reaction-Tube Holders和24-Tube。每个支架可放置多达24个2 ml的微型离心管,建议使用Safe-Lock管(如Eppendorf 2 ml Safe-Lock微型管)。TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 96配合QIAGEN Collection Microtubes(置于架子上)和Collection Microtube Caps使用。Collection Microtubes容积为1.2 ml 。

    Cat No./ID: 69982
    TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 24
    2 sets of adapter plates and 2 racks for use with 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes on the TissueLyser II
    Cat No./ID: 69984
    TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 96
    2 sets of adapter plates for use with Collection Microtubes (racked) on the TissueLyser II


    试剂盒操作手册 (2)
    For efficient disruption of up to 48 or 192 samples in parallel on the TissueLyser
    For high-throughput disruption of biological samples
    补充实验方案 (3)
    Up to 1 x 109 bacteria are disrupted and homogenized by bead-milling in a guanidine-thiocyanate-containing lysis buffer. After addition of ethanol, the sample is loaded onto an RNeasy Mini spin column. Total RNA binds to the RNeasy silica-membrane, contaminants are efficiently washed away, and high-quality RNA is eluted in RNase-free water.


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