QIAcuity Software Suite

Version 1.2

A newer version of the Software Suite is available. Please use this version for the update of older plates if required.

The QIAcuity Software Suite 1.2 is designed to be installed on a Windows PC that is connected to one or more QIAcuity instruments. The QIAcuity Software Suite enables the user to set up plates, analyze results, and monitor the status of runs in real time. For this configuration, the QIAcuity instrument needs to be connected to a network through Ethernet. Alternatively, a direct cable connection between the QIAcuity and the notebook where the QIAcuity Software Suite is running needs to be established. When connected to a network, up to 10 users may access the QIAcuity Software Suite via a browser installed on the client PC (Windows or Mac).

The following browsers are supported in the QIAcuity Software Suite:

-Mozilla Firefox (version 64.0.2 or higher)
-Microsoft Edge (version 44.17763.1.0 or higher)
-Google Chrome (version 71.0.3578.98 or higher)

The new QIAcuity Software Suite 1.2 offers a functionality that enables users of the QIAcuity Software 1.1.3 to upgrade to the new version while keeping the library of previously stored plate runs.

Note: If you have exported plates from QIAcuity Software Suite 1.1.3 that you would like to import and use in QIAcuity Software Suite 1.2, you will need to import the plates before upgrading from version 1.1.3 to version 1.2. You may then export the plates again. Future software version starting from QIAcuity Software Suite 2.0 will facilitate import of plates from previous QIAcuity Software Suite versions.

The new improvements are as follows:

-Support for the Nanoplate 8.5k 24-well
-Hyperwell functionality to combine several wells to one combined well for analysis
-Automated plate archiving functionality
-Functionality to show the number of single/double positives in 2D scatterplots
-VPF (Volume Precision Factor) to further improve concentration calculation (see related resources)
-Additional improvements for stabilization and troubleshooting

SHA1 checksum


For confirmation of software integrity during download and file transfer