QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit

For the isolation of microbial genomic DNA from stool and soil on the QIAsymphony


• Efficient lysis of bacteria and fungi in all stool and soil samples
• Automated workflow with medium throughput
• Standardized DNA extraction
• Unbiased results accurately represent sample alpha diversity
• Automatable on QIAsymphony

QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit (192)

Cat. No. / ID: 938036

For the isolation of microbial genomic DNA from stool and soil on the QIAsymphony
QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

The QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit brings QIAGEN’s gold standard technology for stool and soil DNA isolation to the QIAsymphony. The new kit allows automated, time-saving, standardized extraction of inhibitor-free DNA from stool and soil samples for metagenomic analysis. The kit is designed for 192 samples with continuous loading of 24-sample batches.

Our new PowerBead Pro tubes are included in the kit for homogenization. The beads and optimized chemistry enable more efficient lysis of bacteria and fungi. The kit also contains streamlined Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT) to eliminate the challenging inhibitors commonly found in stool, soil and environmental samples in even less time. Sequencing results reveal higher alpha diversity as measured by observed operational taxonomic units (OTUs) compared to other tested methods.


The QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit comprises a novel and proprietary method for automated mid to high throughput isolation of both microbial and host genomic DNA from stool and gut samples using the second generation of QIAGEN’s patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT). This kit is intended for use with samples containing inhibitory substances commonly found in stool, such as polysaccharides, heme compounds, and bile salts. Improved IRT combined with more efficient bead-beating and lysis chemistry, in an automated format, results in high-quality DNA that can be used immediately in downstream applications including PCR, qPCR, and NGS applications (16s and Whole Genome Sequencing).


Our trusted PowerFecal Pro kits have now been adapted to the QIAsymphony for mid to high throughput automated sample processing.

The QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit is effective at removing PCR inhibitors from even the most difficult stool and soil types. Samples are added to the Power Bead Pro Tube for rapid and thorough homogenization. Cell lysis occurs by mechanical and chemical methods. Total genomic DNA is captured on silica magnetic beads on the QIAsymphony instrument. DNA is then automatically washed and eluted from the magnetic beads and is ready for NGS, PCR, and other downstream applications.


QIAsymphony technology combines the speed and efficiency of silica-based purification with the convenient handling of magnetic particles.

Rapid and thorough homogenization is performed using our PowerBead Pro tubes. Once cells are lysed, our patented IRT is used to remove inhibitors. Samples are then placed into the QIAsymphony which performs the remaining binding, washing and elution steps of the protocol. Eluted DNA is ready for downstream applications.


Tools to complete your workflow:
Sample disruption: PowerLyzer 24 Homogenizer, or TissueLyser II, or Vortex adapters.
DNA isolation: QIAsymphony PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit
Library preparation: QIAseq 16S/ITS Region Panels
Analysis: Microbial Genomics Pro Suite


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