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WeLLevator Pipette Guide

For the consistent and fatigue-free extraction of liquids from 96 well plates when using a multichannel pipette and enables the manual use of PowerMag and UltraMag kits when paired with a Magnetic Separator
  • Manually extract the maximum volume of supernatant from 96 well plates without concern about disturbing a pellet, and ensure uniform handling of samples in every well
  • Rest your multichannel pipette on top of the WeLLevator Pipette Guide for effortless pipetting
  • Increase your throughput without a robot: Convert our PowerMag and UltraMag magnetic bead kits to manual kits with just a WeLLevator and a Magnetic Separator

Manual extraction of liquids from 96 well plates using multichannel pipettes can be mechanically awkward and tedious. The sheer number of wells and the opacity of the plate make it difficult to avoid pelleted materials and to achieve well-to-well consistency. The patent-pending WeLLevator Pipette Guide (11970) is designed to facilitate consistent and fatigue-free extraction of liquids from SBS formatted 96 well plates when using a multichannel pipette. The WeLLevator Pipette Guide can be used with either 8 or 12 channel pipettes. 

Cat No./ID: 11970
WeLLevator Pipette Guide
For the extraction of liquids from 96 well plates using a multichannel pipette and the manual use of MagAttract kits when paired with a Magnetic Separator
The WeLLevator Pipette Guide is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
Figure 1: Automate QIAGEN kits without robotics.
WeLLevator Pipette Guide effectively automates QIAGEN kits without the added expense of robotics to your lab's budget. Using the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit protocols, 100 µL technical replicates were processed on either a KingfisherTM Duo or using a WeLLevator Pipettte Guide.

Note: Samples processed with robotics were further concentrated due to evaporation of water during the elution buffer step. 
Figure 2: Excellent DNA yields without the expense of robotics.
NanoDrop 260 nm absorbance readings and Qubit DNA volumes show closely matched high yields and accuracy with WeLLevator as with KingfisherTM Duo-processed samples.

Note: Samples processed on the robot were more concentrated than those processed by hand due to evaporation of water in the elution buffer stage during the Kingfisher protocols. This is reflected in the final elution volumes. Calculation of the percentage of DNA recovered shows WeLLevator-assisted protocols still deliver excellent yields and quality.
Figure 3: Equivalent quality and yields to robotic processsing by hand with WeLLevator.
As shown in a 1.2% agarose gel, hand-processed samples using the WeLLevator were matched in quality and yield to those processed with KingfisherTM Duo robotics.

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