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DML 2000

 For measurement and analysis of Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) assays

  • HC2 assay processing
  • Amplified chemiluminescent signal detection

The DML 2000 instrument is a luminometer that automates amplified chemiluminescent signal detection and results reporting for HC2 assays, including the digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test.

Cat No./ID: 5000-1020
DML 2000
Microplate luminometer, 240 V
Cat No./ID: 6000-5013
LumiCheck Plate User Package

Plate and software for use with the DML 2000 or DML 3000

The DML instrument is intended to be used only in combination with QIAGEN Kits indicated for use with the DML instrument for applications described in the respective QIAGEN Kit handbooks.

The DML instrument is a benchtop, computer-controlled instrument designed for measuring and analyzing light produced by the glow-type chemiluminescence used in HC2 technology. The DML instrument measures light in the visible spectrum (300–650 nm) and measures chemiluninescence from opaque microplates.

Peformance specifications of the DML 2000
Performance measure Specification
Spectral sensitivity range 300–650 nm
Dynamic range 10 to 5 x 106 RLU
Cross-talk (measured from adjacent well) Less than 3.0 x 10–5 RLU              
Hybrid Capture 2 technology detects RNA–DNA hybrids using signal-amplified chemiluminescent techology. HC2 technology delivers the accuracy and flexibility necessary for routine detection of DNA that can assist in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The DML instruments automate the signal detection and results reporting for HC2 assays.
Once a microplate has been processed manually or using the Rapid Capture System (RCS), the microplate is loaded at the front of the DML instrument. The individual microplate wells are sequentially moved beneath the opening of the detector and individually measured. The digene HC2 System Software provides data reduction and works in conjunction with the DML instrument to report final results. The software interface between the digene HC2 System Software and the Laboratory Information System (LIS) can be programmed to transmit data into reportable results by a testing laboratory.
A range of digene HC2 DNA Tests enable the detection of pathogens using the DML instrument as part of the high-throughput workflow with the Rapid Capture system or as part of the manual workflow of the Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System. The combination of HC2 kits and a DML instrument may be used for testing the following pathogens:
  • High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infections
  • Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) infections
  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) infections
The DML 2000 uses the digene HC2 System Software. Refer to the DML instrument user manual along with the other user manuals provided as part of the digene HC2 System Suite 4.1.
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