QIAGEN supports healthcare workers around the world in the fight against coronavirus

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Fight against novel coronavirus

Supporting healthcare workers around the world in the fight against novel coronavirus

From the onset of the novel coronavirus outbreak, healthcare workers and scientists have been working tirelessly to study the virus. At the beginning of an outbreak with a novel pathogen, early diagnostic response hinges on references laboratory developing and implementing sequencing and LDT molecular tests. As the initial cluster of the infections develops, the need for large scale and accessible testing becomes the driver for the scientific community. Healthcare workers in the effort to contain the spread, bring an additional need to an outbreak. When there are no drugs or vaccines available, testing plays a crucial role.

Labs need a strong partner. QIAGEN has an industry-leading track record, with well-established solutions covering full workflows, long-standing expertise, and – since time is critical – the operational infrastructure and global presence that allows making solutions rapidly available. At QIAGEN, we will do everything we can to support every step of this effort. It is in times like these that our commitment to “making improvements in life possible” means more to us than ever.

QIAGEN supports several existing LDT protocols by providing testing components and mid- to high-throughput automation solutions. We are also actively exploring various avenues to accelerate screening and detection, including our multiplex syndromic technology.
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