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digene Accessories

Accessories for use with digene HC2 DNA Tests
    The digene accessories, such as the digene HC2 DNA Collection Device, provide cervical specimen collection created for use with the appropriate digene HC2 DNA Test. The digene Female Swab Specimen Collection Kit is for use with digene HC2 CT-ID DNA, digene HC2 GC-ID DNA, and digene HC2 CT-GC DNA Tests in some countries.
    Cat No./ID: 5123-1220
    digene Female Swab Specimen Collection Kit
    For cervical specimen collection, includes: 50 swabs and Specimen Transport Medium
    Cat No./ID: 619205
    digene screw caps
    1000 screw caps to be used as replacement caps for the digene Female Swab Specimen Collection Kit, digene HC2 DNA Collection Device, or Calibrators and Controls included with the HC2 DNA Test (HPV, CT/GC, CT-ID, or GC-ID).
    The digene Accessories are intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

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