Accelerate Your PCR and qPCR

Protocols for fast PCR provide an effective means of increasing assay throughput and significantly reducing the time required to go from nucleic acid template to final result. However, fast PCR using standard PCR chemistries has, until now, suffered from reduced sensitivity as well as increased variability. This webinar focuses on how to overcome the challenges of achieving fast PCR, using a novel technology that is fully compatible with existing PCR assays and allows fast PCR on standard as well as fast PCR cyclers. Furthermore, a novel approach for gene expression analysis from cultured cells will be presented that eliminates the need for RNA purification and allows real-time RT-PCR direct from cell lysates.

The presentation explains the principles of the technologies and shows data demonstrating successful real-time and end-point PCR analyses with time savings of up to 78%.

Dr. Andreas Missel

Dr. Missel is Director of Research and Development at QIAGEN, responsible for the development of modification and amplification technologies and products, such as reagents and assays for QIAGEN's standard and real-time PCR, RT-PCR, and HRM solutions. Dr. Missel received his PhD from the Gene Center at the University of Munich in molecular biology and biochemistry. He has been involved in various capacities in the biotechnology industry for more than 13 years.