artus VZV PCR Kits RUO

For quantitative detection of varicella-zoster virus specific DNA using real-time PCR


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
artus VZV LC PCR Kit (24) RUO

Cat. No. / ID:  4502003

For 24 reactions on the LightCycler 1.1/1.2/1.5/2.0 Instruments: Master, 4 Quantitation Standards, Internal Control, Water (PCR grade)
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  • High reliability using the internal control
  • Sensitive detection of as few as 80.7 copies/ml (QS-RGQ kit)
  • Accurate quantitation using the 4 standards supplied

Product Details

artus VZV PCR Kits are ready-to-use molecular detection kits for real-time PCR. The kits provide all necessary reagents optimized for VZV DNA detection and quantitation. artus VZV LC and TM PCR Kits use manual or automated sample preparation and manual assay setup techniques. The artus VZV QS-RGQ Kit is part of the QIAsymphony RGQ, the complete automated system from sample to pathogen detection, and is not for use with manual assay setup.


To ensure sensitivity, artus VZV Kits have been optimized to detect low numbers of VZV DNA. The analytical sensitivity of the artus VZV QS-RGQ Kit is 80.7 copies/ml in consideration of the purification and assay setup using the QIAsymphony RGQ (see figure " Sensitive detection of VZV DNA"). 

Performance of the artus VZV QS-RGQ Kit
Kitartus VZV QS-RGQ Kit
Sample type Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
Analytical sensitivity 80.7 copies/ml in consideration of the purification
 Linear range  500 to 1.00 x 108 copies/ml
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artus VZV Kits are based on the amplification and simultaneous detection of a specific region of the VZV genome using real-time PCR. The kits provide high levels of specificity and sensitivity (see figure " Sensitive detection of VZV DNA").

Each artus VZV Kit provides 4 VZV quantitation standards (see figure " Reliable quantitation of VZV load"). Use of the standards enables accurate quantitation of viral load. In addition, the kits contain a second heterologous amplification system to identify possible PCR inhibition. This is detected as an internal control (IC) in a different fluorescence channel from the analytical PCR. The detection limit of the analytical VZV PCR is not reduced.

Specifications of the artus VZV QS-RGQ Kit
Kitartus VZV QS-RGQ Kit
Sample type Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
Amplicon 82 bp region of gene 38
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artus VZV PCR Kits provide all necessary reagents optimized for reliable VZV DNA detection and quantitation. Simply add template DNA to the ready-to-use PCR master mix, and start the reaction on the appropriate real-time cycler using the optimized cycling program described in the kit handbook.

Common temperature profiles for multiple assays in one run

The temperature profile of the artus VZV LC PCR and QS-RGQ Kits corresponds to the profiles of the artus LC PCR and QS-RGQ Kits for CMV, EBV, and HSV-1/2, as well as for BK virus (QS-RGQ only). Therefore, these PCR assays can be performed and analyzed in a single run.

Complete automated system from sample to VZV detection

The QIAsymphony RGQ workflow solution for VZV detection comprises the QIAsymphony SP for sample preparation, the QIAsymphony AS for assay setup, and the artus VZV QS-RGQ Kit on the Rotor-Gene Q. The system enables reliable pathogen detection with a complete workflow (see figure " Integrated QIAsymphony RGQ system for VZV detection").

Recommendations for viral DNA purification when using the artus VZV LC or TM PCR Kits

For DNA purification, we recommend using the EZ1 DSP Virus Kit or, depending on the sample type and artus VZV PCR Kit, the QIAamp DNA Mini Kit or QIAamp UltraSens Virus Kit.

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artus VZV PCR Kits enable rapid and sensitive detection of VZV DNA from CSF samples with highly accurate quantification. 

The artus VZV QS-RGQ Kit is designed to be used with the QIAsymphony RGQ system, providing a complete workflow from sample to VZV DNA detection and quantitation.

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