Pyrosequencing — a Rapid and Cost-Effective Technology for Microbial Identification and Resistance Screening Assays

Pyrosequencing is a real-time, sequence-based detection technology based on sequencing by synthesis. This rapid and flexible short-read DNA sequencing method enables detection of any pathogen of interest without the need for gels, labeled dyes, or probes. Quantitative sequence data offers the ability to analyze mutations in mixed samples and to determine bacterial, fungal, and viral resistance and loads.

The webinar discusses the following Pyrosequencing topics:

Highly reproducible isolate typing of a large range of species/strains with highly portable reports
Sensitive testing after minimal culture time
Rapid and quantitative detection of resistance mutations that complement phenotypic tests
Easy sample preparation and data analysis that is cost-effective and can be readily scaled-up for high-throughput needs
Mutation tolerant assays on difficult samples that cannot be analyzed by other methods

Jacki Huckins

Jacki Huckins is one of QIAGEN's field experts on Pyrosequencing and PyroMark systems, providing her Pyrosequencing expertise and knowledge to basic research, clinical research, and clinical labs. She has a wealth of knowledge not only of Pyrosequencing technology, but also its applications. In addition, Jacki developed her expertise from her experience at a molecular diagnostic laboratory specializing in metabolic disorders, and at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where she was involved in medium- to high-throughput pharmacogenetic studies of the US population. Jacki has a BS in Biology from the University of South Carolina, USA.