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HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit

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For highly sensitive and reliable high-fidelity hot-start PCR
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Unique UA/TA cloning feature
  • Fidelity 10-fold higher than Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Room-temperature setup and fast enzyme activation

This ready-to-use, optimized kit includes everything required for high-fidelity PCR — enzyme, buffers, and dNTPs. HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase is a hot-start proofreading enzyme uniquely modified to produce A overhangs, enabling direct and streamlined UA/TA cloning. The buffer contains Factor SB to prevent degradation of primers and template during PCR setup, providing highly sensitive and reliable high-fidelity PCR. In addition, Q-Solution enables efficient amplification of "difficult" (e.g., GC rich) templates.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is phasing-out until October 15, 2020, and afterward, available only until stocks last. Visit the product page of the successor kit to view improved features or to request a trial kit.


For more information and FAQs on this transition, visit: www.qiagen.com/PCRresource.

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Cat No./ID: 202602
HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit (100)
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100 units HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase, 5x HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer (incl. dNTPs), 5x Q-Solution, 25 mM MgSO4, RNase-Free Water
Cat No./ID: 202605
HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit (1000)
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1000 units HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase, 5x HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer (incl. dNTPs), 5x Q-Solution, 25 mM MgSO4, RNase-Free Water
The HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Highly sensitive and reliable PCR.
PCR was performed using HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase (QIAGEN) and 4 high-fidelity PCR enzymes from the indicated suppliers. Parallel reactions were performed following the suppliers' recommendations, using 10 ng and 1 ng human genomic DNA. Two different high-fidelity enzymes from Supplier I were tested. A 2.3 kb fragment of the human IL9R gene was amplified in 40 PCR cycles. M: Markers.
Increased specificity of primer annealing.
Amplification of difficult templates.
Two different primer–template systems were amplified in duplicate using QIAGEN PCR Buffer and Taq DNA Polymerase in the absence () or presence (+) of 1x Q-Solution. Q-Solution enables specific amplification of difficult templates. [A] human angiotensin receptor II gene; [B] mouse protein kinase C gene; M: markers.
Efficient TA/UA cloning.
A 955 bp fragment was amplified from 100 ng of human genomic DNA using the HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit and standard Taq DNA Polymerase. PCR products (4 µl each) were cloned using a commercially available TA or UA cloning kit. Blue-white screening was used to determine the cloning efficiency.

HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit includes a hot-start proofreading enzyme uniquely modified to prevent degradation of primers and template during PCR setup, providing reliable high-fidelity PCR without the need for optimization. The HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase Kit outperformed kits tested from other suppliers and ensures highly specific and sensitive amplification (see figure "Highly sensitive and reliable PCR"). HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase fidelity is over 10-times higher than Taq DNA polymerase. Proprietary Factor SB contained in the novel HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer improves the sensitivity and reliability of PCR, especially when low amounts of starting template are used. Suboptimal PCR can be improved with Q-Solution, also provided with the kit (see figure "Amplification of difficult templates").

HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase specifications

Concentration: 2.5 units/μl 
5'–>3' exonuclease activity: No 
3'–>5' exonuclease activity: Yes
Extra A addition (terminal transferase activity): Yes
Half-life: >4 hours at 95°C
Nuclease contamination: No
Protease contamination: No
RNase contamination: No



High-fidelity enzymes generally utilize a 3'→5' exonuclease activity to remove incorrectly incorporated bases. However, this activity can also degrade primers during setup and the start of PCR, which can result in nonspecific priming, smearing, or even failure to amplify any product at all — especially when using low amounts of template.

HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase

Uniquely isolated from a novel Pyrococcus spp. source, HotStar HighFidelity DNA Polymerase is chemically modified to inactivate both the polymerase and the exonuclease activity. A simple 5-minute hot start activates both enzymatic components, allowing PCR to start with high proofreading ability. This unique modification ensures that primers and template remain intact during setup, preventing mispriming. The reliable performance of HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase ensures highly specific and sensitive amplification.

HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer

Novel HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer contains the proprietary PCR additive, Factor SB, as well as optimized concentrations of dNTPs and MgSO4. Factor SB is a unique PCR additive that improves PCR sensitivity and reliability (see figure "Highly sensitive and reliable PCR"). Innovative Factor SB ensures that the template DNA, which is often degraded by the 3'→5' exonuclease activity of high-fidelity enzymes, remains intact.

The preoptimized formulation provides reliable amplification of specific PCR products with a very low error rate. The buffer accomplishes this by promoting a high ratio of specific-to-nonspecific primer binding during the annealing step in each PCR cycle (see figure "Increased specificity of primer annealing"). Owing to a uniquely balanced combination of KCl and (NH4)2SO4, HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer provides stringent primer-annealing conditions over a wider range of annealing temperatures and Mg2+ concentrations than conventional PCR buffers. Optimization of PCR by varying the annealing temperature or the Mg2+ concentration is therefore often minimal or not required.

HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer also contains specifically optimized concentrations of dNTPs for convenient PCR setup and reliable results. The buffer also maximizes the fidelity of HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase, which ensures a very low error rate. The HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit is highly suitable for any high-fidelity PCR application due to the increased sensitivity, specificity, and minimal optimization requirements afforded by the HotStar HiFidelity PCR Buffer.  


The HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit includes Q-Solution, an innovative PCR additive that facilitates amplification of difficult templates by modifying the melting behavior of DNA. This unique reagent improves suboptimal PCR caused by templates that have a high degree of secondary structure or GC-rich templates (see figure "Amplification of difficult templates"). Unlike other commonly used PCR additives such as DMSO, Q-Solution is used at just one working concentration, is nontoxic, and PCR purity is guaranteed. Adding Q-Solution to the PCR does not compromise PCR fidelity.

Complete kit format

The HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit includes everything required for PCR. No additional reagents or buffers need to be purchased separately.


The HotStar HiFidelity procedure is straightforward — simply follow the step-by-step, optimized protocol included with the kit. HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase has been chemically modified to temporarily inactivate not only the polymerase activity, but also the 3'–>5' exonuclease activity of the enzyme. This prevents excessive degradation of primers and template during PCR setup and the initial PCR cycles. Both polymerase and proofreading activities are easily restored by a 5-minute, 95°C incubation step, which can be readily incorporated into the PCR cycling program. This modification allows convenient room-temperature reaction setup without compromising PCR specificity or product yield.

TA/UA cloning

In contrast to all other high-fidelity DNA polymerases, PCR products generated using HotStar HiFidelity DNA Polymerase can be used directly in TA- or UA-cloning procedures (see figure "Efficient TA/UA cloning").

Product length and sensitivity

Due to the high sensitivity of the HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit, it is possible to amplify fragments with very low amounts of starting material (e.g., as little as 1 ng human genomic DNA). Product lengths of up to 5 kb and 10 kb have been achieved using genomic DNA and lambda DNA respectively, thus indicating the suitability of the HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit for any application, including the amplification of long DNA fragments for cloning.


HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit is highly suitable for all hot-start PCR applications that require high sensitivity combined with a low error rate, such as cloning and site-directed mutagenesis.


Applications Cloning, mutation analysis, TA- or UA-cloning procedures
Enzyme activity 3' -> 5' exonuclease activity, A-addition
Mastermix No
Reaction type PCR amplification, proofreading
Real-time or endpoint Endpoint
Sample/target type Genomic DNA and cDNA
Single or multiplex Single
With/without hotstart With hotstart

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For highly sensitive and reliable high-fidelity hot-start PCR
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