QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE Kits

For quantification and qualification of amplifiable DNA prior to NGS


  • Provides 2 qPCR assays dispensed onto arrays or in individual tubes
  • Quantifies and qualifies DNA that is amplifiable by PCR
  • Guides optimization of targeted enrichment conditions
  • Requires no serial dilutions
QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE Assay Kit

Cat. No. / ID: 333414

Assay 100 and Assay 200 for 400 x 25 µl reactions (400 µl) each; QuantiMIZE Control gDNA (50 µl); RNase- and DNase-free water (1 ml x 4); GeneRead qPCR SYBR Green Mastermix (1.35 ml x 4)
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QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE Kits are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

The QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE System is a qPCR-based approach to determine quantity and quality of DNA that is amenable to amplification by targeted enrichment prior to NGS. The system has been developed for discovery, translational, and clinical researchers who need a cost-effective way to determine the optimum conditions for targeted enrichment of DNA isolated from biological samples, including FFPE. In contrast to other approaches, the system improves the likelihood of a successful NGS run by not only quantifying amplifiable DNA, but also optimizing the target enrichment conditions. 

Please note: GeneRead DNA QuantiMIZE Array Kit (product number 180642) and GeneRead DNA QuantiMIZE Assay Kit (product number 180654) will be phased out by the end of 2016. Please use QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE Array Kit (product number 333404) and QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE Assay Kit (product number 333414) instead.

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Quantification and qualification of amplifiable DNA by the QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE System rescues low-quality FFPE samples for NGS analysis. Use of the QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE System resulted in high-quality libraries that were successfully sequenced on a MiSeq (see  Successful quantification and qualification of DNA by the GeneRead DNA QuantiMIZE system).
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QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE System utilizes 2 qPCR assays that interrogate 20 genomic loci to determine the amounts of amplifiable DNA in biological samples. The assays, Assay 100 and Assay 200, generate 100 and 200 bp amplicons, respectively. QuantiMIZE Kits use the CT values of Assay 100 and Assay 200 for both the Control samples and the Case samples to quantify and qualify DNA (see  Principle of the GeneRead DNA QuantiMIZE System).
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Genomic DNA extracted from biological samples is mixed with the supplied mastermix. This mixture is then aliquoted onto arrays, if the array kits are used, or mixed with Assay 100 and Assay 200 before being aliquoted onto arrays, if the assay kits are used. PCR is performed and the raw CT values are exported to a web-based data analysis module, which will quantify and qualify DNA as well as provide guidance on DNA amounts and PCR cycles needed to optimize targeted enrichment conditions.


QIAseq DNA QuantiMIZE Kits can be used to quantify and qualify any DNA sample. They are especially beneficial for low‑quality DNA samples, such as FFPE (see  Robust performance with FFPE samples). Additionally, the kits can be used to optimize the conditions needed for successful targeted enrichment of genomic regions from any DNA sample, including low-quantity DNA samples, such as FFPE, and low-quantity DNA samples, such as fine-needle aspirates.
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Brochures & Guides (1)

Next-generation sequencing using QIAGEN’s QIAseq – a powerful tool for human identification

Analysis Software (4)
Excel-based data analysis template for use with QuantiMIZE assay kits for 72-well plates
Excel-based data analysis template for use with QuantiMIZE array and assay kits for Rotor-Disc 100 rings
Excel-based data analysis template for use with QuantiMIZE array and assay kits for 96-well plates
Excel-based data analysis template for use with QuantiMIZE array and assay kits for 384-well plates


How do I obtain the concentration of my gDNA from the data analysis using the GeneRead DNA QuantiMIZE?

The data analysis template provides the number of cycles and volume of gDNA to use with our GeneRead workflow but no absolute DNA concentration.

FAQ ID - 3530
Can I use the QuantiMIZE system for determination of gDNA quality for non-multiplex PCR enrichment methods (ex. Hybridization) (cat. No. NGQA-002, NGQC-100Y)?

No. This system is best for determining gDNA quality for multiplex PCR enrichment methods only.

FAQ ID - 3531