OmicSoft Studio on the Cloud

Leveraging state of the art NGS and OMIC data analysis in the cloud


OmicSoft Studio Cloud Add-on CL

Cat. No. / ID:  836214

OmicSoft Studio Cloud Add-on CL
OmicSoft Software Developer (Hour)

Cat. No. / ID:  836012

OmicSoft Software Developer (Hour)


  • Leverage OmicSoft's Best in Class RNA-Seq pipeline in the cloud
  • Integration with Amazon in a customer-hosted VPC
  • Securely store and analyze data on Amazon's S3 storage
  • Simplify cloud management of NGS data. Genome Browser Integration

Product Details

The standalone edition of Studio on the Cloud allows you to seamlessly run all Array Studio analytics from Amazon, combining the storage of S3 with the analytical power of EC2. Easily scale up any number of instances for every analysis. Array Studio will handle: pinning up the correct number of instances, Accessing the data from S3, Running the analysis with the optimal EC2 configuration (storage, memory, and CPUs), Spinning down the instances, Storing the generated data back on S3, and Genome browser integration with S3. Learn more about OmicSoft Studio on the Cloud.


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