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Custom Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays

For discovery of signaling pathway response to gene modification or chemical treatment

  • Analysis of multiple pathways in a single experiment
  • Flexible formats
  • Assays gene knockdown and overexpression
  • Assays chemical modulators

Custom Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays allow comprehensive analysis of 10 selected signaling pathways. Any 10 Cignal Reporter Assays may be chosen from a collection of 45 Cignal Reporter Assays for the Custom Cignal Finder Reporter Array. By screening pathway activities simultaneously, relevant pathways are quickly identified for further analysis. Custom Cignal Finder Arrays pinpoint the pathways perturbed by a specific gene or drug.

Cat No./ID: 336835
Custom Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays
96-well plates or 12-tube strips

Custom Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.


Each array includes 10 Cignal Reporter Assays and 2 controls in either a transfection-ready 12-tube strip or 96-well plate format.

All reporter assays are based on dual-luciferase technology. Each assay consists of a mixture of a pathway-focused transcription factor-responsive firefly luciferase construct and a constitutively expressing Renilla luciferase construct.

Dual-luciferase results are calculated for each transfectant. The change in the activity of each signaling pathway is determined by comparing the normalized luciferase activities of the reporter in treated versus untreated transfectants.

The identically treated negative control serves as a specificity control. The positive control serves as a control for transfection efficiency, by monitoring GFP expression or a positive control for both the firefly and Renilla luciferase assays.


The procedure is comprised of 3 simple steps: 

Transfect Cignal Reporter Assays and test nucleic acids into cells 
Treat with siRNA, protein, peptide, or small molecule of interest 
Perform reporter quantitation using luciferase of GFP activity assays
Cignal Finder Reporter Array: Plate Format

Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays in plate format are delivered in a 96-well cell culture plate. Each reporter and control assay is dried down in each column of the plate (8 wells per assay).

Cignal Finder Reporter Array: Tube Format

Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays in tube format are delivered in 12-tube strips, together with positive and negative controls. The assays are immediately ready for use in the transfection or reverse transfection of the reporter assays into the cell lines of interest.


Cignal Finder Reporter Arrays are well suited for research into phenotypes associated with RNAi or overexpression experiments, biological responses to small molecules or compounds, and mechanisms of action of proteins, peptides, and ligands.

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