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RNeasy MinElute Cleanup Kit
For RNA cleanup and concentration with small elution volumes
    • Efficient cleanup of enzymatic reactions
    • Concentration of small amounts of RNA to only 10 µl
    • Cleanup of RNA purified by different methods
    • High-quality RNA in less than 15 minutes
RNeasy PowerSoil DNA Elution Kit
For co-isolation of DNA and RNA from soil using the Rneasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit
    • Simple procedure for nucleic acid elution
    • High-quality DNA and RNA can be eluted by combining two compatible kits
    • Highly pure nucleic acids ready for all downstream applications
RNeasy PowerClean Pro CleanUp Kit
For the removal of inhibitors from purified RNA in just 7 minutes
    • Highly pure RNA from previously isolated RNA and efficient removal of a variety of inhibitors
    • Fast and easy cleanup of RNA with a 7-minute protocol
    • High-quality RNA ready for downstream PCR applications
RNeasy PowerLyzer Tissue & Cells Kit
For the isolation of total RNA from animal tissues or cells, optimized for use with ...
    • Rapid protocol isolates high quality total RNA from animal tissues or cells in just 20 minutes
    • Optimized lysis technology is designed for use with bead based homogenizers such as the PowerLyzer 24 homogenizer, the kit contains ceramic bead tubes for lysis of tough tissue samples
    • Complete kit includes all required RNase-free tubes and ready to use reagents
RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit
For the isolation of total RNA from stool and gut material
    • Fast and easy protocol isolates high-quality total RNA in less than 45 minutes
    • Efficient isolation of total RNA from difficult microbiome samples
    • Highly pure RNA isolation with Inhibitor Removal Technology
    • Simple co-isolation of miRNA and DNA using an on-column procedure
RNeasy PowerPlant Kit
For isolating total RNA from difficult plant and seed samples
    • Quickly isolates RNA in 30 minutes without harsh chemicals
    • High-quality RNA extraction from difficult plant types
    • Highly pure RNA and miRNA isolation free from PCR-inhibiting substances