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RT2 ProfilerTM miRNA Targets PCR Arrays


The RT² Profiler microRNA Targets PCR Arrays are designed to facilitate miRNA functional analysis as a follow up to miRNA expression profiling analyses. While the general function of miRNAs is well-characterized, the complex role played by each miRNA is yet to be completely defined. Functionally validating a biological or mechanistic effect of specific miRNA's expression remains one of the major challenges in miRNA research. Each of these arrays profiles the expression of 84 verified and bioinformatically predicted mRNA target genes of a specific human, mouse, or rat miRNA including other miRNAs in the same seed sequence family. One miRNA can regulate one or more messenger RNA transcripts. Conversely, one mRNA transcript can be regulated by a single or multiple miRNAs. Because they represent gene targets selected based on both miRNA functional studies and bioinformatic prediction algorithms, these PCR Arrays maximize the likelihood of further validating and establishing miRNA target genes whose expression patterns inversely correlate with a miRNA of interest under study.

RT² Profiler microRNA Targets PCR Arrays provide all of the benefits and performance of the RT² Profiler PCR Arrays.

  • Pathway Focused
  • Simple and Accurate
  • Simple Workflow, Well Designed Layout & Controls, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis
  • Designed for Routine Use
  • Performance
  • Sensitive, Reproducible, Specific

How can these arrays be used to identify miRNA target genes?

Follow up miRNA expression analysis using miScript miRNA PCR Arrays with a miRNA functional study.


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