For collection, RNA stabilization, transport, and storage of tissues
  • Immediate RNA stabilization and protection
  • Reliable gene expression and gene-profiling data
  • Convenient and safe handling at room temperature
  • Tissue archiving without risk of RNA degradation
  • Easy collection and storage in reclosable tubes
RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes are screw-top tubes that contain RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent, which immediately stabilizes RNA in tissue samples to preserve the gene expression profile. Stabilization takes place a room temperature, eliminating the need for dry ice or liquid nitrogen.
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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes (50 x 1.5 ml)
For stabilization of RNA in 50 x 150 mg tissue samples: 50 screw-top tubes containing 1.5 ml RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent each
297,00 €
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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes (20 x 5 ml)
For stabilization of RNA in 20 x 500 mg tissue samples: 20 screw-top tubes containing 5 ml RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent each
292,00 €
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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes prevent RNA changes in tissues.|RNAlater Reagent prevents degradation of mRNA in tissues.|Stable RNA in tissues: different temperatures and freeze–thaw cycles.|
Rat tissues (10 mg each) were excised and stored at room temperature for up to 4 hours in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) or RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent (RNAlater). At the indicated times, RNA was isolated using the RNeasy Protect Mini Kit. Total RNA was used for quantitative RT-PCR using the QuantiTect Probe RT-PCR Kit and primers and probe specific for the transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) gene or the tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) gene. Analyses were carried out in triplicate on the ABI PRISM 7700 Sequence Detection System. The change in threshold cycle (CT) is shown, relative to the CT at time zero.|RNA was isolated from fresh rat kidney samples after 0, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes, using either standard procedures (Unstabilized) or RNeasy Protect Kits (Stabilized). The RNA isolated was analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis and expression of GAPDH was examined using northern blot analysis. M: markers.|Total RNA was isolated from tissue samples stored in RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent. [A] Rat lung tissue was stored under the indicated conditions. RNA was analyzed on a formaldehyde agarose gel and northern blot (GAPDH-probed). [B] Stabilized mouse liver tissue was subjected to freeze–thaw cycles (-20°C/25°C). C: control tissues frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80°C.|
RNAlater Stabilization Reagent stabilizes and protects the RNA expression pattern of samples during harvest and storage (see figure "RNAlater Reagent prevents degradation of mRNA in tissues"). Immediate protection with RNAlater technology ensures that downstream analyses truly reflect the expression profile of the intact tissues (see figure "RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes prevent RNA changes in tissues"). Samples can be archived without risk of RNA degradation, even after multiple freeze–thaw cycles. RNeasy purified RNA from RNAlater stabilized samples stored under a wide variety of conditions is ideal for downstream processes such as northern blotting and RT-PCR (see figure "Stable RNA in tissues: different temperatures and freeze–thaw cycles").

Once a biological sample is harvested, its RNA becomes extremely unstable. The innovative, aqueous RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent quickly permeates tissues resulting in immediate stabilization of the RNA and preservation of the RNA expression pattern. Gene induction or down-regulation triggered by sample manipulation is also prevented, allowing accurate analysis of gene expression.


For RNA protection and sample storage, tissue samples are submerged in an appropriate volume of RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent immediately after harvesting. RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes provide premeasured volumes of RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent in reclosable tubes for convenient handling and sample storage. The reagent preserves RNA for up to 1 day at 37°C, 7 days at 18–25°C, or 4 weeks at 2–8°C, allowing processing, transportation, storage, and shipping of samples without liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Alternatively, the samples can also be placed at –20°C or –80°C for archival storage.


Animal and human tissues stabilized in RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent can be efficiently disrupted using QIAGEN instruments for sample disruption, and used with QIAGEN kits for:

  • Total RNA purification
  • miRNA purification
  • mRNA purification

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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes - For collection of harvested animal tissues with immediate stabilization of the gene expression profile, and subsequent transport and storage; RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent - For immediate stabilization of the gene expression profile in harvested animal tissues
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