Improving DNA Analysis Efficiency with the EZ1

Forensic DNA analysis can be reduced to the following four major steps: extraction of DNA, PCR amplification, fragment separation, and data interpretation. The first step, extraction of DNA is critical and is required to be fast, safe, and efficient. By utilizing the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit with the BioRobot EZ1 and the EZ1 Advanced XL instrument, Chuck Hardy from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), has been able to address several prerequisites associated with DNA extraction from forensic casework samples, such as speed, quality, and safety.

Following implementation of the EZ1 Advanced instruments, the TBI has seen an increase in productivity, with timely extraction of DNA from casework samples in a timely fashion, allowing for a marked increase in sample throughput, while maintaining both result quality and analyst safety.

Chuck Hardy

Chuck Hardy has been a serologist and DNA analyst for 13 years. For the first 12 years, he was a casework scientist. He has now transitioned into the CODIS unit as CODIS scientist and backup state CODIS administrator. During his 13 years, Chuck has been qualified, as an expert in forensic serology and DNA, over 70 times in the state of Tennessee. Additionally, Chuck is one of 5 team leaders for TBI’s Violent Crime Response Teams based out of the Nashville Crime laboratory. Since 2005, Chuck has instructed and presented on topics of serology/DNA evidence collection and preservation, as well as forensics in general to numerous groups and organizations. In addition, he has instructed in crime scene processing and even hosted mock crime scenes for different groups. His crowning achievement to date was being allowed to be the American perspective as a speaker at the 4th Annual Intelligence Strategies and Crime Prevention for Law Enforcers conference in Pretoria, South Africa in March 2013.