QIAGEN’s Sample & Assay Technologies are the foundation for research and development work at many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. QIAGEN’s products enable scientists to unlock the molecular basis of diseases and develop new active substances. As a result, new drugs and treatment methods are created, giving new hope in the fight against many diseases.

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In the early phase, QIAGEN’s products help pharmaceutical researchers identify genes that affect the outbreak of diseases and determine target molecules for new active substances. QIAGEN’s technologies also help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies identify biomarkers that can provide information about the status of a disease and how safe and effective new drugs are likely to be.

Testing for these biomarkers in the clinical development phase can improve the stratification of patient groups in clinical studies and so increase the chances of new drugs being approved. The tests can then be marketed with the drugs as companion diagnostics to be used in conjunction with treatment.

Against this background, QIAGEN’s technologies are opening up entirely new insights into the onset and course of many diseases, enabling rapid progress to be made in pharmaceutical research. New, targeted drugs promise better treatment outcomes and new hope in the fight against many diseases, while also ensuring that limited healthcare resources are used more efficiently. This is beneficial not only to individual patients but also to society as a whole.