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Puregene Accessories

For purification of archive-quality DNA from a wide range of sample types
  • Archive-quality DNA for long-term storage
  • Reproducible DNA purification
  • Convenient, scalable purification procedure

Puregene Accessories used in combination with Gentra Puregene Kits enable purification of high-molecular-weight (100–200 kb) DNA suitable for archiving. The scalable purification procedure gently removes contaminants and inhibitors and allows large-volume samples to be purified for use as long-term references.

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Cat No./ID: 158902
RBC Lysis Solution (450 ml)
450 ml RBC Lysis Solution
Cat No./ID: 158904
RBC Lysis Solution (1000 ml)
1000 ml RBC Lysis Solution
Cat No./ID: 158906
Cell Lysis Solution (125 ml)
125 ml Cell Lysis Solution
Cat No./ID: 158908
Cell Lysis Solution (1000 ml)
1000 ml Cell Lysis Solution
Cat No./ID: 158910
Protein Precipitation Solution (50 ml)
50 ml Protein Precipitation Solution
Cat No./ID: 158912
Protein Precipitation Solution (350 ml)
350 ml Protein Precipitation Solution
Cat No./ID: 158914
DNA Hydration Solution (100 ml)
100 ml DNA Hydration Solution
Cat No./ID: 158916
DNA Hydration Solution (500 ml)
500 ml DNA Hydration Solution
Cat No./ID: 158918
Puregene Proteinase K (650 µl)
650 µl Puregene Proteinase K
Cat No./ID: 158920
Puregene Proteinase K (5 ml)
5 ml Puregene Proteinase K
Cat No./ID: 158922
RNase A Solution (650 µl)
650 µl RNase A Solution
Cat No./ID: 158924
RNase A Solution (5 ml)
5 ml RNase A Solution
Cat No./ID: 158926
Cell Suspension Sol. (125 ml)
Cell Suspension Sol. (125 ml)
Cat No./ID: 158928
Lytic Enzyme Solution (650 µl)
650 µl Lytic Enzyme Solution
Cat No./ID: 158930
Glycogen Solution (500 µl)
500 µl Glycogen Solution
Cat No./ID: 158932
Clotspin Baskets (50)
50 Clotspin Baskets

Product Details

Using Gentra Puregene Kits, cells are lysed with an anionic detergent in the presence of a DNA stabilizer. The DNA stabilizer limits the activity of intracellular DNases and also DNases found elsewhere in the environment. RNA is then removed by treatment with an RNA digesting enzyme. Other contaminants, such as proteins, are removed by salt precipitation. Finally, the genomic DNA is recovered by precipitation with alcohol and dissolved in hydration solution (1 mM EDTA, 10 mM Tris·Cl pH 7.5). Purified DNA typically has an A260/A280 ratio between 1.7 and 1.9, and is up to 200 kb in size. The DNA can be safely stored at 2–8°C, –20°C, or –80°C.
Archive-quality DNA 

Purity of DNA has a significant effect on the accuracy of results obtained in downstream applications. Sensitive downstream applications, such as PCR, demand the use of DNA of the highest quality and molecular weight for reliable results. Gentra Puregene Kits removes contaminants and enzyme inhibitors enabling purification of highly stable DNA well-suited for archiving. Purified DNA is of high quality demonstrated by molecular weights of 100–200 kb. 


DNA purified using Puregene Accessories and Gentra Puregene Kits is highly stable and suited for use in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • DNA archiving
  • PCR
  • SNP analysis
  • Southern blotting

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For purification of archive-quality DNA from human whole blood, bone marrow, buffy coat, buccal cells, body fluids, cultured cells, tissue, mouse tail, yeast, bacteria
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