NeuMoDx Molecular System

For integrated easy-to-use workflows with a comprehensive menu that allows consolidation of infectious disease testing onto a single system

NeuMoDx 288 Molecular System

Cat. No. / ID:  500100

NeuMoDx 288 Instrument and touchscreen computer.
NeuMoDx 288 Instrument
NeuMoDx 96 Instrument
The NeuMoDx 288 Molecular System are intended for in vitro diagnostic use.
As of June 6, 2024 NeuMoDx 96 and 288 Molecular Systems will be discontinued. Please contact your sales representative for support.


  • Get true continuous random-access that is scalable to meet your needs
  • Address variable throughput testing needs with a simple, easy-to-use three-step workflow
  • Run IVD and self-developed assays on a single platform using the same reagents and easy, reproducible workflow
  • Room-temperature-stable reagents and consumables minimizes the need for cold-chain shipment and storage


Product Details

NeuMoDx Molecular Systems combine automated nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection on a single instrument.



The NeuMoDx instruments are the industry’s first true random-access system that are scalable according to the needs of your laboratory. The flexibility of the system allows the consolidation of your infectious disease portfolio onto one system.

With the NeuMoDx system, you can handle different testing needs with different throughput using a simple, easy-to-use, three-step workflow that provides an unmatchable flexibility.

A broad IVD menu provides access to a wide range of disease assays. The versatile NeuMoDx Molecular System can also be used as an open system to process self-developed-assays (SDAs).

Our reagents and consumables are stable at room temperature and are used for multiple assays, which minimizes the need for cold-chain shipment and storage.



The NeuMoDx Molecular System consists of either the instrument (NeuMoDx 96 or NeuMoDx 288) and a touchscreen computer. Dedicated NeuMoDx accessories, reagents and consumables ensure the best performance. The NeuMoDx Molecular System provides automated extraction of nucleic acids from multiple specimen types, as well as automated real-time amplification and detection of target nucleic acid sequences by florescence-based, real-time PCR. Our proprietary NeuDry reagent technology integrates magnetic-particle affinity capture and real-time PCR chemistry in a multi-sample microfluidic cartridge. An IVD menu provides access to an extensive selection of IVD workflows. The system enables laboratories to implement qualitative and quantitative self-developed assays (SDA) using NeuMoDx consumable and reagents.



Complete your IVD test workflow in three easy steps:

  1. Add universal reagents, consumables and buffers to carriers and place on worktable.
  2. Add samples in any order for any test into carriers and place on the worktable.
  3. Press “Load” to start the run.

NeuMoDx Instruments provide automatic liquid handling of multiple specimen types, reagents and buffers. Nucleic acid extraction is performed with sample heating on multiple locations for lysis and purification. PCR amplification using rapid thermal cycling is performed on all XPCR module locations. Real-time fluorescence detection of amplification products is performed at five wavelengths, enabling multiplexing for qualitative or quantitative analysis.

Complete traceability is ensured with a bar code reader that scans consumables and reagents during loading.


Specification NeuMoDx Molecular System 96 NeuMoDx Molecular System 288
Sample throughput Mid-throughput High-throughput
Samples per 8-hour shift Up to 144 Up to 288
Maximum sample loading 96 Up to 288
Wall-away capability Approximately 6 hours Approximately 8 hours
Extraction and PCR technology Microfluidic Microfluidic
Time to first result 40–80 minutes 40–80 minutes
True random access Up to 20 assays Up to 30 assays
Bidirectional laboratory information system (LIS) Yes Yes
STAT capability Yes Yes
Footprint 136 cm x 108 cm 183 cm x 109 cm
Storage conditions Room temperature Room temperature
Onboard stability Up to 28 days Up to 28 days
Consumables and reagents Unitized Unitized
Contingency Inbuilt Inbuilt



The NeuMoDx comprises accessories, reagents and consumables for the following applications:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Blood born viruses
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Laboratory-developed tests
  • Transplant-associated virus testing



NeuMoDx Software is developed specifically for the system, which is operated with an intuitive and easy to use touch screen. Here are some of the many features that will give you access to the system’s flexibility and convenience. 

Extraction only option for self-developed assays Eluate is transferred to an empty test strip and can be used for other downstream application (e.g., DNA or RNA quantification).
Remote access Grant access for service and support to access the instrument remotely. This access allows the performance of some actions in the software and creation and access troubleshooting packages and data.
Repeat or reflex testing You can setup an automated testing for the same or additional tests from the same sample depending on the result of the first test*
Multiple test assignments If sufficient input sample is placed on to the system, several assays can be performed for the same sample.
Automatic maintenance When powered up, the instrument performs automated instrument maintenance every 24 hours or when the instrument has not been used for a specified period of time.
Consumable and reagent management A summary tab lists the reagent and consumables that are on the system and the number of tests which can still be processed.

* For example, samples negative the SARS-CoV-2 assay can be reflexed to the 4-plex assay.



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