Targeted RNAseq for gene expression

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Not every experiment requires whole transcriptome sequencing, but until recently, there hasn’t been a convenient way to profile transcriptomes in biological research areas such as cancer or immunity. In this webinar, we discuss the strategy and technology of targeted RNA sequencing, including the use of novel targeted RNA-seq panels covering the transcriptomes of 8 different pathways for human and mouse, as well as 170+ smaller panels. Using Single Primer Extension (SPE) and Unique Molecular Index (UMI) technology, QIAseq panels overcome traditional RNA-seq limitations and ensure increased precision and accuracy. Join us and learn how you can easily upgrade your RNA-seq data and move beyond the limits of qPCR, microarray and traditional RNA-seq.

Dr. Sam Rulli

Samuel J. Rulli

Samuel Rulli is an R&D Scientist in qPCR applications at QIAGEN and has spent three years in the biotech industry as a qPCR specialist developing, evaluating, and teaching different qPCR technologies and applications. Dr. Rulli received his PhD in 2002 from Tulane University studying the gastric proton pump and did post-doctoral research at Johns Hopkins University and the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, MD. Trained as a molecular biologist, Dr. Rulli has worked on different assay detection technologies for gene expression and nucleic acid analysis.