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Instrument operating software including the QIAgility Setup Manager Gene Expression, Pathogen Detection and Sample Pooling plug-in. This new software offers a complete solution for qPCR setup and is optimized for use with QIAGEN gene expression and pathogen detection kits, such as QuantiTect, QuantiFast, QuantiNova and Rotor-Gene kits. We recommend using this software for all gene expression, pathogen testing and sample pooling applications.

For software installation instructions, please refer to the QIAgility Unpacking and Installation Instructions or to the QIAgility User Manual, chapter 4.4.1.

: It is not possible to install both QIAgility Setup Manager Software and QIAgility Operating Software 4.17.1 on the same computer. Please uninstall QIAgility Operating Software 4.17.1 before installing QIAgility Setup Manager Software. For more information, contact QIAGEN Technical Services.

: QIAgility Operating Software is not compatible with CAS-1200 instruments. Download the latest CAS-1200 operating software.