Do you have a protocol for disrupting animal tissues with TissueLyser for the purpose of extracting proteins?
FAQ ID -9177

We have not specifically tested this application. However, several customers have successfully used QIAGEN’s TissueLyser II for disruption of animal tissues to extract proteins. We suggest:

  1. Pre-cool one 5 mm stainless steel bead and the TissueLyser II adapter at 4°C.
  2. Chill the appropriate lysis buffer by incubating at 4°C prior to use
  3. Freeze tissue in dry ice and immediately add 1 cold bead plus 200–300 µL of chilled lysis buffer to the TissueLyser II adapter
  4. Disrupt twice, each time for 30 s at 20 Hz

Please be advised that these are suggestions only and have not been thoroughly tested by QIAGEN. It is the user’s responsibility to test and further optimize if necessary.