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SureENTRY Transduction Reagent

For increased lentiviral/retroviral transduction efficiency

  • Improves lentiviral transduction 10-fold to 1000-fold
  • Ready-to-use aqueous solution simplifies protocols
  • No need to screen numerous reagent formulations

SureENTRY Transduction Reagent improves lentiviral/retroviral transductions 10-fold to 1000-fold in most mammalian cell types, with minimal toxicity.

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Cat No./ID: 336921
SureENTRY Transduction Reagent
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SureENTRY Transduction Reagent
The SureENTRY Transduction Reagent is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Simple procedure with SureENTRY Transduction Reagent.

The success of an experiment involving lentiviral delivery technology is often dependent upon the efficiency with which the genetic payload is delivered into the target cells. Adding SureENTRY Transduction Reagent to the transduction protocol dramatically improves the efficiency of lentiviral/retroviral delivery. SureENTRY Transduction Reagent is a valuable addition to any experiment using Cignal Lenti Reporter Assays and its ready-to-use, optimized formulation means that there is no need to screen numerous transduction reagent formulations.

Ready-to-use SureENTRY Transduction Reagent requires minimal hands-on time. On day 1, cells and culture medium are added to plates. On day 2, SureENTRY Transduction Reagent is added to the plate, together with Cignal Lenti Reporter Assay to enhance transduction (see flowchart "Simple procedure with SureENTRY Transduction Reagent").

SureENTRY Transduction Reagent is highly suited for lentiviral/retroviral transductions in most mammalian cell types.


Applications Lentiviral transduction, retroviral transduction
Cell type Eukaryotic cells
Nucleic acid Viral DNA

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