Our Mission, Vision, Strategy


    We imagine a world in which our Sample to Insight solutions "Make improvements in Life possible".


    Purpose, future, success, technology advances


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    Our Values
    Our values form the basis of business success. Our passion is to create value for customers, patients, employees, partners and shareholders.
    Goals, commitments, inspiration


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    Molecular Biology Revolution
    From the beginning of the molecular biology revolution, we have been at the forefront of new technologies.
    Disease detection, targeted medications, genetic basis of disease


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    Outreach Programs
    As part of our program of social responsibility, we’ve launched a number of initiatives, for example, to combat the spread of infectious disease.
    HPV donation program, point-of-care diagnostics, veterinary disease


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    As a global technology company, we understand the importance of sustainable practices and technologies.
    Environmental protection, green laboratory, sustainable development 


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    By employing a diverse workforce of staff from across the globe, we foster a working environment that promotes global and cross-cultural collaboration.
    Diverse workforce, cultural differences, individuals, international working teams 


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