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The JCSG Core Suites
For initial screening using an optimized selection of conditions
    • Conditions for highest hit rates at the Joint Center for Structural Genomics
    • Optimized suites based on over half a million crystallization trials
    • Maximized reproducibility through online access to production reports
    • Available as tube or deep-well block formats
EasyXtal Sealing Tapes

For sealing crystallization microplates

EasyXtal 15-Well Tools
For protein crystallization trial setup
    • Excellent optical properties and format for automatic visualization systems
    • Highly suitable for hit optimization and ligand screening
    • Unique, easy-to-open, greaseless, screw-in crystallization supports
    • Highly suitable for structure-based drug design optimization and screening
NeXtal DWBlock Adhesive Foils

For sealing NeXtal DWBlocks

NeXtal DWBlock Suites

For manual or automated setup of protein crystallization screening conditions

    • 1.5 ml solution of each Screening Suite condition in a 96-well format
    • For manual or automated setup in microplates
    • Heat-sealed, pierceable foil ensures optimal storage and shipping
    • Maximized reproducibility through online access to production reports