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A Type in the transcript or gene you are looking for, select the species.

B The related gene item will appear in the list below.
C By drag and drop you can move the gene items from the left product box on the plate.
D You can also drag and drop gene items from the plate to the clipboard for temporary storage or on the trashbin to delete them.
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The name entered here will be printed on the plate label. The following characters can be entered: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underscore, hyphen, period (full stop) and space. The name can contain a maximum of 14 characters. For ease of identification, we recommend giving each plate a unique name.
For Custom ELISArray kits, the name will only be used on the website and will not be included with the product. At the time of order, a unique catalog number will be assigned to your plate design. This unique catalog number will occur either you when you click on “add to cart” or if you contact a QIAGEN representative. The unique catalog number will then be saved in your profile for re-ordering purposes.

This description will be included in the data file you receive from us with your plates. To help you differentiate between different plates we recommend giving each plate a different description. The maximum length for the description is 50 characters.
For Custom ELISArray kits, the description will only be used on the website and will not be included with the product.

Choose the amount you would like to have on your plate. NOTE: It is not possible to have different amounts of products on the same plate, each plate can only have one amount for all products on it.


Select number of plates to order

Minimum order quantity for is plates (). You can order additional copies of your designed plate ().
For offline ordering, please provide your catalog number and number of plates to QIAGEN Customer Care or your local sales representative.

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Can't order online?

To place an order via phone, email or for requesting a quote, please provide the plate layout file (download file).

Generate catalog number

Note: If you generate a custom catalog number, you can no longer modify the plate layout.