How do I perform the camera function test?
FAQ ID -9046

The camera function test is intended for the PyroMark Q96 ID, PyroMark Q96 MD/MDA, PSQ MA, and PSQ HS/HSA instruments.

1. Setup a mock run without using PyroMark reagent and other consumables.

2. When nucleotide dispensation starts, open both instrument lids so that the 96-well block is exposed to ambient light.

3. Check the detected signal level on the Y-axis on the operator’s computer and report the value to QIAGEN Technical Service.

Note: The inner lid of the instrument moves around during nucleotide dispensation. The lid can still be lifted while it is moving.

For PyroMark Q24 and PyroMark 24 Advanced instruments, please contact QIAGEN Technical Service for the self-test software and instruction.