Interested in miRNA detection on Fluidigm chips?

If you are interested in advancing your miRNA research by performing miRNA profiling on the Fluidigm platform, we want to hear more! Let us know your research interests and needs and be the first to get all the news on the upcoming adaptation of the miScript PCR System for Fluidigm chips.
Tell us about your interests by completing the questionnaire below.

1. Are you currently doing miRNA detection on the Fluidigm? 
2. Is the Fluidigm instrument located in a core lab?
3. What is the starting material that you use or would like to use on the Fluidigm to detect miRNA?
4. What are the current limitations regarding your staring material?
5. How many samples are you analyzing or planning to analyze?
Per month
Per project
6. How many assays would you like to screen?
7. What species are you interested in?

8. How many miRNA chips are you running or planning to run per month?
9. What is your current bottleneck when doing miRNA detection on the Fluidigm?

When performing miRNA detection on the Fluidigm:
10. On average, how many samples do you analyze per experiment?
11. On average, how many assays do you use per experiment?
12. Do you replicate runs?

13. How many assays would you like to order at a time?
14. Which of the following would you prefer when ordering all the products you need for miRNA profiling (including RT and preamplification reagents, master mix, assays, primer mixes for preamplification)?
15. Are you interested in using a data analysis tool?
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