Human ID

The use of molecular tests for applications in the fight against animal diseases, to improve food safety, and in forensics, as well as in other professional applications outside the healthcare sector, is a comparatively new but rapidly growing market segment.

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QIAGEN is increasing the availability of these Applied Testing methods by simplifying the application of molecular technologies and providing ever more ways of using these innovative technologies to prevent harm to public safety or financial loss.

DNA analysis is a key tool in modern forensics and in establishing paternity. This method uses genetic fingerprints – DNA profiles that are unique to a particular individual. QIAGEN offers products that cover and automate the full range of procedures used in forensic and related tests, through the final assessment of trace amounts of genetic material. The tests meet the strictest quality requirements and comply with new European standards that simplify the exchange of data between national DNA databases and so make it easier for serious crimes to be solved at an international level.

Molecular methods are also becoming increasingly important in the food safety area as a result of numerous food scandals. Appropriate tests allow pathogens and contaminants in food to be detected, and the food’s authenticity to be verified, throughout the production chain – from the farm to the consumer. QIAGEN currently offers more than 30 tests based on PCR technology to identify ingredients, pathogens, allergens, and genetically modified organisms in food.

QIAGEN technologies are used to combat animal disease in the industrialized world, as well as in emerging and developing countries. In industrialized countries, specialized laboratories have access to a portfolio of around 20 tests to detect common animal diseases such as swine fever or bovine viral diarrhea that have far-reaching financial consequences. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are conducting a project investigating how animal diseases can be diagnosed more quickly and accurately in emerging and developing countries. It is based on QIAGEN’s Point of Need test system, the ESEQuant Tube Scanner. In association with tests devised as part of the program, pathogens that cause devastating animal diseases and threaten human well-being can be rapidly and reliably detected locally on the basis of their genetic information. Action can therefore be taken to control diseases directly at their source.