QIAGEN has been firmly rooted in academic research since the company’s inception. Innovations in Sample & Assay Technologies laid the foundations for the rapid dissemination of molecular biology and associated scientific breakthroughs, which are regularly paving the way for innovations in other markets in which QIAGEN operates.

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QIAGEN is continuing in this tradition, working hand in hand with leading scientists on exploring the molecular foundations of our lives and developing new technologies. Some of the world’s best-known research bodies rely on QIAGEN products to obtain and publish fast, accurate and reproducible new findings.

Many breakthroughs in life science research have been made possible by QIAGEN technologies – for example, in the field of microRNAs, also known as miRNAs, a class of nucleic acids that play an important role in controlling gene activity in the human body. Scientists working in research laboratories all over the world are trying to find out exactly what role miRNA molecules play in diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C, heart failure, and schizophrenia. Early results are promising, and may be the starting point for future treatments.

Close links with academic research are also beneficial to QIAGEN, because university researchers are often involved in developing commercial applications or in setting early trends that later evolve into commercial applications with other customer groups.