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RGS·His HRP Conjugate Kit

For sensitive, direct detection of His-tagged proteins with RGS·His epitopes

  • High-sensitivity and high-speed detection of His-tagged proteins
  • No need for secondary antibody
  • Optimized blocking reagent supplied

Anti·His HRP Conjugates, including the RGS·His HRP Conjugate, are intended for sensitive detection of recombinant proteins carrying His tags, without the need for secondary antibodies.  They consist of Anti·His antibodies conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP). In detection procedures, the Anti·His antibody binds to a protein's His tag and the complex is localized using chemiluminescent or chromogenic substrates that react with HRP.

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Cat No./ID: 34450
RGS·His HRP Conjugate Kit
125 μl RGS·His HRP Conjugate, 5 g Blocking Reagent, 50 ml Blocking Reagent Buffer (10x concentrate)
The RGS·His HRP Conjugate Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details



Performance of RGS·His HRP Conjugate Kit
Detection:N-terminal, C-terminal, and internal His tags (containing the epitope RGSHHHH)
Sensitivity in dot blots:*10 pg
Sensitivity in western blots:*50 pg
Antibody Isotype:Mouse IgG1
Cross-reactivity:Negligible with crude E. coli, yeast, mammalian, or insect cell lysates
Form:Stabilized stock solution
Working solution:125–250 ml
* Detection using chemiluminescent substrate. Sensitivity may vary with different proteins.




Anti·His HRP Conjugates consist of the QIAexpress Anti·His Antibodies chemically coupled to the reporter enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP). They can be used for highly specific and sensitive, direct detection of any recombinant protein that has an accessible His tag. They eliminate the need for secondary antibodies, saving time in immunodetection procedures. Anti·His HRP Conjugates can be used with chemiluminescent or chromogenic detection substrates.


The QIAexpress, Detection and Assay Handbook, supplied with all QIAexpress detection and assay products, contains detailed example protocols and guidelines for designing and performing assays.

Anti·His HRP Conjugates, including the RGS·His HRP Conjugate, recognize the same epitopes as their corresponding antibody and can be used for direct chemiluminescent or chromogenic detection of His-tagged proteins in:

  • Western-, dot-, and colony-blotting procedures
  • ELISA and other immunoassay procedures


Conjugated enzyme HRP
Detection Secondary antibody required
Epitope detected RGSHHHH
Substrate for blot detection Biotech ECL
Substrates for assay procedure OPD
Tag His tag

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