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Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit

Quantitative and qualitative human and male DNA assessment with the highest sensitivity
  • Separate male DNA and total human DNA degradation assessment
  • Highest sensitivity for male DNA in a female background
  • Straightforward quality assessment for inhibition, which correlates with your STR profiles
  • Consistent results from any kind of sample and concentration with best-in-class dynamic range
  • PCR results in about one hour

The Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit is a ready-to-use qPCR real-time assay for the detection and quantification of total human and male DNA. The novel PCR fast-cycling technology provides superior sensitivity for human DNA detection, as well as male DNA detection in a high-female DNA background with sensitivity down to 0.1 pg/μl and highly accurate quantification in the linear range – down to 0.5 pg/μl. The newly developed DNA quality assessment provides separate, reliable information on the degradation status of both male and human DNA in your sample, as well as information on the inhibitor presence. The new IC (internal control) is more sensitive towards inhibitors and correlates to the STR tolerance, while the quantification result itself remains reliable. Want to try this solution for the first time? Request a quote for a trial kit.

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Cat No./ID: 387316
Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit (200)
For use on QIAGEN RotorGene Q Real-Time Systems: Quantiplex Pro RGQ Reaction Mix, Quantiplex Pro RGQ Primer Mix, Male Control DNA M1, QuantiTect Nucleic Acid Dilution Buffer
The Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit is intended for molecular biology applications in forensic, human identity and paternity testing. This product is not intended for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details


The Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit provides robust and precise quantification results with a high dynamic range from 200 ng/µl to 0.5 pg/µl, with a sensitivity down to 0.1 pg/µl. In addition to the general sensitivity, the kit provides the highest sensitivity for male DNA, even in a very high background of female DNA (up to 400,000:1).

The straightforward quality assessment of the kit comprises a newly developed DNA Degradation Control (DC) and a newly designed Internal Control (IC). The new DNA Degradation Control provides superior separate detection of both male and total human DNA degradation. The Internal Control also detects potential PCR inhibitors. The IC is more sensitive towards inhibitors and correlates to STR tolerance, but the quantification results remain reliable. Furthermore the IC of the Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit reflects the Quality Sensor of the Investigator 24plex STR profile, but can also be adjusted to personal needs.


The Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit is a ready-to-use system for the detection of human and male DNA, and parallel assessment of DNA degradation of both male and human DNA using quantitative real-time PCR. The kit provides fast and accurate quantification of human DNA in forensic database and casework samples. The kit contains reagents and a DNA polymerase for specific amplification of 4NS1C, which is a 91 bp proprietary region present on several autosomes of the human genome, and for detection of the specific PCR products on the Rotor-Gene Q System. The human quantification target region was selected in order to give high sensitivity. The human quantification target region uses the yellow channel on the Rotor-Gene Q. The target region for male DNA quantification was selected to give high-sensitivity in the presence of mixed female/male DNA samples. The male quantification target region is detected as an 81 bp fragment using the green channel on the Rotor-Gene Q. In addition, the Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit contains a balanced internal amplification control that is used to test successful amplification and identify the presence of PCR inhibitors. This heterologous amplification system is detected as a 434 bp internal control (IC) in the crimson channel on the Rotor-Gene Q. Furthermore, the kit detects longer amplification products (353 bp for the autosomal target and 359 bp for the male target) targeting the same locus (4NS1CR) as the 91 bp autosomal target and the 81 bp gonosomal male target, respectively. Due to the differently sized male and autosomal targets, the longer targets are more susceptible to DNA degradation, allowing for a precise assessment of the degradation status of both the male and total human DNA. The larger quantification target regions are detected as a 353 bp (human) fragment using the red channel and as a 359 bp fragment using the orange channel on the Rotor-Gene Q. Detection of amplification is performed using TaqMan probes and a novel, fast PCR chemistry. Dual-labeled probes, such as TaqMan probes, contain a fluorescent reporter and a quencher at their 5' and 3' ends, respectively. During the extension phase of the PCR, the 5' and 3' exonuclease activity of QuantiNova DNA Polymerase cleaves the fluorophore from the quencher. This results in detectable fluorescence that is proportional to the amount of accumulated PCR product.

Targets detected
Target Amplicon length Channel Ploidy Copy number
Human target, small autosomal 91 bp Yellow Diploid Multi-copy
Human target, large autosomal 353 bp Red Diploid Multi-copy
Human male target, small gonosomal 81 bp Green Haploid Multi-copy
Human male target, large gonosomal 359 bp Orange Haploid Multi-copy
Internal PCR control 434 bp Crimson Synthetic fragment

The Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit is used for quantifying total human and male DNA, and for determining if PCR inhibitors are present and whether further sample purification is needed.

It is suitable for:

  • Forensic database and casework samples
  • Paternity testing samples
  • Sexual assault samples
  • Disaster victim identification and anthropological work
  • Other human identity testing applications


Input volume 2 µl template DNA
Thermal cycler Rotor-Gene Q, 5 plex or 6 plex

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For quantification of human and male DNA in forensic samples
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