QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit

For isolation of gDNA from stool samples


  • Streamlined, faster purification protocol
  • No use of hazardous organic chemicals
  • Automatable on the QIAcube
  • Efficient removal of PCR inhibitors
  • High sensitivity for downstream assays
QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit (50)

Cat. No. / ID: 51604

For 50 DNA preps: 50 QIAamp Mini Spin Columns, QIAGEN Proteinase K, InhibitEX Buffer, wash and elution buffers, Collection Tubes (2 ml)
QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit
Inhibitex Buffer
The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit enables rapid purification of high-quality genomic DNA (human and bacterial) from fresh or frozen stool samples. The novel InhibitEX Buffer replaces cumbersome inhibitor removal tablets to efficiently remove PCR inhibitors commonly present in stool samples. Fewer protocol steps streamlines your workflow and reduces hands-on time during extraction. The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit may be used with a microcentrifuge and may be automated on the QIAcube Connect.


 Superior yields for best downstream sensitivity

The improved protocol of the QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit ensures highest yields from stool samples in less time than commonly used methods. Furthermore, hazardous organic chemicals are not used, improving laboratory and personal safety. Typical yields of DNA obtained with the QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit are 5–50 µg, which is consistently higher than comparable purification kits from alternative suppliers (see figure  Superior yields compared to similar purification kits).

DNA purified with the QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit gives highly sensitive results in downstream quantitative real-time PCR, with consistently lower CT values than obtained with solutions from other suppliers (see figure  Higher sensitivity in qPCR).

Effective removal of inhibitors

Stool samples are rich in PCR inhibitors like complex polysaccharides, bile salts, lipids, and urate. In best cases, these inhibitors make targets difficult to amplify. In worst cases, their presence can entirely suppress PCR signals. Therefore, a method to completely remove such inhibitors is critical for any stool sample analysis. The novel InhibitEx Buffer of the QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit efficiently depletes PCR inhibitors from samples, enabling reliable detection of DNA (see figure  Efficient depletion of PCR inhibitors).
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DNA binds specifically to the QIAamp silica-gel membrane while contaminants pass through. No phenol-chloroform extraction is required. PCR inhibitors are separated from DNA by the specially formulated chemistry of the InhibitEX Buffer. Highly pure DNA ready for direct use in downstream applications is purified in as little as 25 minutes. QIAamp sample preparation technology is fully licensed.


The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit simplifies isolation of DNA from stool with a fast spin-column procedure (see flowchart  Streamlined procedure of the QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit) and streamlined protocols, reducing the total time needed from sample to isolated DNA to as little as 25 minutes. 

The unique formulation of the InhibitEX Buffer efficiently separates PCR inhibitors from DNA and, because of its liquid format, is more convenient than tablets or powder.  Manual sample handling is streamlined because separate addition of inhibitor removal reagents is no longer required and experiments can be scaled more easily. The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit can be automated on instruments like the QIAcube.

Rapid protocols are provided to efficiently isolate human DNA as well as microbial DNA for pathogen detection. Shortly, stool is suspended in InhibitEX Buffer, which separates inhibitors from DNA. Following a quick lysis, DNA binds the QIAamp silica membrane. Any remaining inhibitors and contaminants are removed by washing steps and pure, intact DNA is then eluted from the column.

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The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit is for the isolation of genomic DNA (human and bacterial) from fresh or frozen stool samples.

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What is the composition of elution buffer ATE in the QIAamp DNA Investigator kit, QIAamp DNA FFPE Tissue kit and the QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini kit?

The composition of Buffer ATE is:

- 10 mM Tris-Cl pH 8.3

- 0.1 mM EDTA

- 0.04% NaN3 (sodium-azide)

FAQ ID -3122
Are there important considerations for plasma generation and urine handling?

It is strongly advised to follow the recommendations for preparing sample material provided in the corresponding Protocol Sheet to ensure reliable results.

Plasma: It is recommended to perform plasma separation immediately after blood collection when using EDTA or citrate as anticoagulant to prevent the release of genomic DNA into the plasma fraction.

Urine: Because circulating cell-free DNA in non-stabilized urine samples is rapidly degraded after sample collection due to high nuclease activity, eluates may contain no DNA or exhibit low DNA concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to stabilize urine samples. Even when using stabilized urine, it is recommended to perform a centrifugation step immediately after stabilization to prevent the release of genomic DNA from cells. Alternatively, non-stabilized urine samples can be processed immediately after collection and centrifugation using ATL-pretreatment and automated DNA extraction as described in the corresponding Protocol Sheet.

FAQ ID - 3699