For purification of DNA from forensic and human identity samples
  • Rapid purification of high-quality, ready-to-use DNA
  • Consistent, high yields
  • Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors

The QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit provides purification of genomic DNA from a wide range of forensic and human identity samples, such as casework samples, including dried blood, bone, and sexual assault samples, swabs, and filters. The kit uses QIAamp MinElute spin columns for purification of high-quality DNA with flexible elution volumes. Purification is fast and efficient, and purified DNA performs well in downstream analyses, such as quantitative PCR and STR analysis, with high signal-to-noise ratios. Purification of DNA using the QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit can be automated on the QIAcube.

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QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit (50)
For 50 DNA preps: 50 QIAamp MinElute Columns, Proteinase K, Carrier RNA, Buffers, Collection Tubes (2 ml)
The QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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QIAamp DNA Investigator procedure.|The QIAcube.|

The QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit is suited for DNA purification from trace samples (e.g., from crime scene); genotyping, including fingerprinting and paternity analysis; and routine analysis of reference samples.

After sample lysis, the simple QIAamp DNA Investigator procedure, which is highly suited for simultaneous processing of multiple samples, yields pure DNA in less than 30 minutes.  DNA is eluted in Buffer ATE or water, and is immediately ready for use in amplification reactions or for storage at –20°C. The purified DNA is free of proteins, nucleases, and other inhibitors.


The QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit combines the selective binding properties of a silica-based membrane with flexible elution volumes of between 20 and 100 μl.

Using QIAamp MinElute spin columns for purification of high-quality quality DNA with flexible elution volumes, the QIAamp DNA Investigator procedure consists of 4 steps (see flowchart "Procedure"). The sample is lysed under denaturing conditions with proteinase K. DNA binds to the membrane, contaminants flow through, and residual contaminants are washed away. Pure, concentrated DNA is eluted from the membrane. The QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit is automatable on the QIAcube

The procedure is designed to ensure that there is no sample-to-sample cross-contamination.


The QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit uses well-established technology for purification of genomic and mitochondrial DNA from small sample volumes or sizes.

Applications Real-time PCR, STR analysis
Elution volume 20-100 µl
Format Spin column
Processing Manual
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein Genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA
Sample types wide range of forensic and human-identity sample materials
Technology Silica technology
Time per run or per prep less than 30 minutes
Yield < 3 µg

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以下のサンプルからのトータル(ゲノムおよびミトコンドリア)DNAの精製 - サンプル表面を拭き取ったスワブおよび口腔スワブ、FTA Card (QIAcard FTA Spots)およびGuthrie Card、体液の瘢痕、チューインガム、タバコの吸殻、爪および毛髪、サンプルが付着した紙や類似した素材、微量の血液あるいは唾液、組織、LMD(レーザーマイクロダイセクション)で採取した切片、骨および歯、性犯罪検体
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For purification of total (genomic and mitochondrial) DNA from a wide range of forensic and human-identity samples
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