Pyrosequencing Resource Center

Pyrosequencing — the unique
detection and quantification technology
Characterization of complex DNA modifications underlying gene expression patterns is based on quantifiable data. Pyrosequencing is a sequence-based detection technology that enables rapid and accurate quantification of sequence variation. Streamlined protocols, analysis flexibility, and elegant output make Pyrosequencing technology a highly adaptable tool for research in a broad range of disciplines.

Technology and Platform Overview
See how elegant chemistry and sensitive technology enable quantification of sequence variation
PyroMark platforms, Pyrosequencing reaction cascade
Pyrosequencing Applications
Discover new possibilities with Pyrosequencing-based detection and quantification
Quantitative epigenetics, allele quantification, genotyping, microbial ID
Upgrading to PyroMark Q24 Advanced
Advance your Pyrosequencing analyses and get long sequence runs, improved quantification, and easier base calling functionality
Find out how to upgrade your PyroMark Q24 system here
Upgrading to PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5
How to upgrade your application software and get more out of your PyroMark Q96 ID system
Details for upgrading your PyroMark Q96 ID application software
Managing PyroMark Instrument Methods
Access detailed information for managing the instrument methods and pulse time settings for your specific Pyrosequencing platform
PyroMark instrument methods and pulse time settings
PyroMark Software Requirements
Overview of PyroMark software operating system compatibilities and hardware requirements
PyroMark Q96, PyroMark Q24, IdentiFire SW, Assay Design SW