Pyrosequencing — a New Standard for Genetic and Epigenetic Analyses

Pyrosequencing is a unique detection technology based on the principle of sequencing by synthesis that provides quantitative real-time data without the need for gels, probes, or labels. This rapid and flexible method enables evaluation of many types of sequence variations with one instrument and even in the same run. In addition to characterizing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertion-deletions (indels), and unknown sequence variants, Pyrosequencing can very sensitively quantitate allele frequencies and DNA methylation levels, and provide rapid sequence data for microbial identification. Pyrosequencing is therefore a highly adaptable tool for exploratory and testing work in a broad range of disciplines.

This webinar explains Pyrosequencing technology, highlights research applications, and describes how this method enhances analysis of sequence variations as well as epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation. Examples illustrate application-specific use of Pyrosequencing and explain the full spectrum of QIAGEN solutions for epigenetic and genetic research workflows.

The following topics are discussed:
  • The principle of Pyrosequencing technology
  • Steps in the Pyrosequencing workflow
  • Intuitive software for easy custom assay design and powerful analyses
  • Rapid sample preparation of biotinylated PCR products
  • An overview of Pyrosequencing applications
  • PyroMark instrument platforms for different sample throughputs

Dr. Lennart Suckau

Dr. Lennart Suckau is the Global Product Manager responsible for QIAGEN's portfolio of Pyrosequencing instrumentation and products for the life sciences market. Dr. Suckau studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle (Saale), Germany. He received his PhD in 2008 at the Charite Berlin, where he worked in the field of gene therapy for heart failure. Before joining QIAGEN in 2009, he was a Marketing Manager at a smaller diagnostics company.